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Postal & Subscription Box Packaging

Stylish, sturdy and ready to ship

Belmont Packaging has manufactured a range of postal boxes and monthly subscription boxes for many high-profile customers, such as Taylors of Harrogate and Vit-Plan, offering a high quality and premium box custom to each customer’s needs. Our packaging postal packaging boxes are manufactured to be stylish, sturdy and ready to ship with high-quality print, that fits in your customers letterbox.

Autumn Afternoon Example Vit-Plan Example Example

We ensure our postal packaging boxes and subscription packaging boxes are:

  • Custom and manufactured to size requirements 
  • Biodegradable
  • Have a high-quality finish
  • Sturdy & safe
  • Easy to open for your customers

Our team has a wealth of experience in developing custom postal packaging boxes and subscription box solutions, suitable to withstand shipping and transport; maximising protection without sacrificing style.

Please get in touch with our expert team at Belmont Packaging and they will help you take the first step in finding your perfect packaging solution.

What our customers say

Rob, Managing Director at Vit-Plan, commented: “Dealing with Belmont Packaging has been an absolute pleasure. The staff have been very helpful in getting me exactly what I wanted from my order. From the quotation stage, they have been very accommodating and have been forthcoming in inviting me to their works to discuss the project. All stages of the process were discussed and communication has been excellent. The finished product is of the utmost quality and my brief has been carried out exactly. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Very pleased.”

Case Studies 

We’ve worked with a number of brands to design and create bespoke postal packaging boxes and subscription box solutions. Below is an example of a bespoke subscription box for Taylors Of Harrogate

Click here for more information and to read the full case study.

Why Choose Belmont Packaging? 

  • 40 years experience
  • Fast lead times
  • Design service
  • Expert team

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Postal & Subscription Box Packaging
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