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Environmental Policy

  • Conform to, and where appropriate exceed, the requirements of all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Establish standards that will promote the use of environmentally friendly processes and materials.
  • Promote reduction in the consumption of all materials whilst encouraging re-use and re-cycling whenever possible.
  • Design new products with environmental sustainability in mind.
  • Continually strive to prevent pollution, reduce the level of harmful emissions and minimise waste at all times.
  • Place more of our business with suppliers who minimise the impact of their activities on the environment, and work with suppliers to achieve that end.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibilities with all employees, and include those issues in training programmes throughout the company.
  • Communicate the environmental achievements of the business.
  • At all times be a good neighbour, through open relationships with both authorities and the community.
  • Seek to reduce waste in all areas of business operation and permit waste disposal only via licensed contractors.
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