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We are a female-led, fresh, energetic corrugated cardboard box manufacturer that can enhance your brand by delivering high quality printed and plain packaging solutions. We can help you, as our customer, stand out from the crowd. We offer innovative solutions in high-quality printing and corrugated packaging manufacturer, offering key support services including product design, material testing, printing and distribution.

We Maximise Your Brand Appeal

Branded Cardboard Packaging

Our team are full of ideas and inspiration so you can assure that we'll come up with a solution to your packaging queries that are as unique as your brand! We've worked on packaging solutions for a number of brands, companies and individual products to help create success stories, increased sales and strong customer relationships. After all, there must be a reason why over 90% of our customers repeat order!

We Have Years of Experience

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Back in 1978, Belmont Packaging Limited was formed by Mike Moloney, who gradually grew and developed Belmont Packaging and many of the principles and beliefs that he instilled remain to this day. The company is now 40-years-old and in 2013 it was given a new lease of life when the founder's daughter, Kate Hulley, bought the company. We're a team of 25, many of whom have over 15 years service and we have a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in the corrugated packaging industry. You can trust us to get it right, on time and on budget.

We're ahead of the curve on all things boxes

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We invest regularly in the industry's leading packaging technology, equipment and our staff so the end product is the best it can be. Our team have a great wealth of knowledge around the industry and we're always looking to be one step ahead in design and manufacture. We're pretty much what it says on the box - honest, flexible, open and committed to doing our very best for all customers.

We're not your average box manufacturer!

We're a female-led, forward-thinking box company that pulls out all the stops to get you the best possible product and help you stay ahead of your competitors. We live, sleep and breathe cardboard boxes and in our world cardboard boxes are far from boring! We're also proud to adopt a number of environmentally friendly practices throughout our factories, warehouses and offices including LED lighting, solar panels and running and up to date waste extraction system.

We even have a sister company, Boxed-Up Packaging, dedicated to smaller merchants wanting as little as 25 boxes at any given time.

Find out how we can help bring your product to market.

Award Winning
Award Winning
Six national trade safety awards won consecutively. 'Manchester Evening News' Business of the Year. Numerous customer quality awards. International and national print Flexographic awards.
Yearly Investment
Yearly Investment
We invest regularly, year on year. We train constantly and are always learning and improving.
We Think Future!
We Think Future!
In our business philosophy. In our range of manufacturing ability and capability. In our 'open' way of doing business.
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