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General Statement of Intent

Belmont Packaging Ltd Statement of Intent

It is the intention of Belmont Packaging Ltd to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of our employees and others that may be affected by our work activities.

We acknowledge our duties with respect to health and safety and intend to comply so far as is reasonably practicable, with all statutory legislation that is applicable to our business activities. As an employee we expect and welcome your cooperation to help us achieve our intentions.

At Belmont Packaging Ltd we recognise that we must maintain the technical competencies and abilities of the Business and ensure staff are trained and well advised in all matters of general safety.

We will ensure that our buildings, work equipment and machinery are suitably serviced, fit for purpose and maintained to a safe and satisfactory standard.

All significant hazards will be identified and risk managed, we will provide information, instruction, and training to ensure activities are conducted safely. We will provide the necessary funding, insurance and resources to ensure the protection of employees and others affected by our work.

The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for health and safety within Belmont Packaging Ltd. Supervisors have been nominated to take a lead responsibility for organising and daily management of policies and procedures ensuring their effectiveness in each key area of our work and their role is crucial to ensure compliance and a safe working environment for employees, visitors and contractors.

This policy and any other internal safety documentation will be reviewed at least annually; overseen by Kate Hulley, the Managing Director.