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Bloom Teas

Bloom Teas

Bloom Teas started in Wandsworth (South West London) by Craig Coulton, who left architecture to try his hand at selling specialty teas that were a little less “ highbrow” and a bit more “health-focused”.

Bloom Teas are an ever growing company which have expanded their product offering over the years to fit the current tea demand. From developing a 5-step tea plan in 2010, producing and selling function and flavoured green tea powders in 2015, and now allowing customers the choice to choose sachets of each flavour of tea as they like, the more they pick the more they save.

The customer has complete control over what goes in their variety pack from green, white and black teas, fruit and herbal teas to matcha and superfood powders for lattes.

Bloom Teas knows that everybody is unique and we all have different tastes, do different things and want different experiences. So they want their teas to be as diverse as the people they serve and affordable for everyone.

The brief

The Belmont Packaging team were approached by Bloom Teas who were looking for a bespoke packaging solution to house and post their range of funky, flavoured tea bag variety packs out to their customers safely and securely.

Belmont needed to ensure that the postal box mirrored the funky brand image that Bloom Teas had to give the customers the unpacking experience that they had envisioned.

The solution

The Belmont Packaging team designed a single wall postal box that was printed one colour black on white board on both the inside and the outside.

The box had an easy slot internal insert that allowed for extra protection during transit as well as segmentation within the box to hold each flavour in 4 different compartments.

Bloom Teas initially ordered 1,000 units of the boxes for their tea bag variety packs and can’t wait to order more!

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