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With the demand for natural vegan treats in the UK, a company called Nummy was born. The name is a combination of natural and yummy, with everything from cookies and baked doughnuts to brownies and tarts on offer.

Nummy makes it easy to enjoy healthy alternatives that are free from refined sugar, flour, and palm oil. Instead, tuck into a premium, delicious sweet treats that are 100 percent natural. All goodies are posted to your door in the UK.

The Brief – Premium Packaging to Complement Products

To begin with, Nummy was offering their sweet treats in brown postage boxes. But, as the company’s popularity grew, it was time for an upgrade.

There was a desire for more premium packaging that was going to complement the amazing baked doughnuts, tarts, and other delicious vegan treats on offer. Of course, Nummy also wanted their goodies to arrive in one piece and for the designs to be just as amazing as when they left the kitchen. This is a project we knew we could help with at Belmont Packaging.

The Solution – A Fefco 0427 Style

Nummy is a returning customer to Belmont Packaging. In other words, we wanted to ensure that the company had an even better experience than last time! Our team decided that the way to do this was to create Fefco 0427 style packaging.

This would be sturdy for keeping handmade sweet treats looking amazing, as well as being fully biodegradable to help the environment. What’s more, our team worked hard to create a design that complemented Nummy’s brand style.

This includes orange branding to make the logo pop, with a speckled style to resemble crumbs. On the inside, there is a brilliant white finish for a clean look.

The Result – Eye-Catching Packaging and Reordering

Nummy was very happy with the finished product. To begin with, the company placed an order for 3,000 boxes. They were delighted with the customer service they received, as well as the finished product. In fact, Nummy was so happy with the design that they have returned for more!

“I appreciate your help with this order and your service was outstanding. Much appreciated”
Peter, Co-Founder of Nummy Foods Ltd

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