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Nudi are a recent start-up business which produce a range of naturally based coconut skincare products. All of the Nudi products are manufactured with all natural ingredients, and vegan friendly.

The Brief: Enhanced Customer Experience

The cheeky chappies who are behind Nudi, initially came into the offices to view the packaging solutions based on a supplier recommendation. Nudi sought the advice of packaging professionals to help develop their brand and vision into a box which would enhance the customer experience. Nudi wanted to reflect the premium nature of their brand in the highly competitive health and beauty sector, with the added dose of their cheeky personalities. It was important for Nudi that they could use one box for all their packaging needs. 

The Solution: Unique product boxes

They sent through images and ideas of boxes they had seen which they liked and the design team moulded, merged and combined all these ideas together to create the finished product.

The Result: Brand boosting packaging

For Nudi, like most e-commerce businesses, the first impression of their brand and ideals is the box. Belmont Packaging is proud to have helped Nudi realise their vision. See for yourself how Nudi unveils their products to their customers!

Nudi Packaging- corrugated cardboard boxes

Need something similar?

If you need an effective packaging solution to help you increase sales and boost brand and product awareness, contact our team today to find out how we can help you create unique printed boxes to suit your needs.

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