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Simple and Stylish Custom Packaging

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Simple and Stylish Custom Packaging

There has been a sustained trend for product packaging that is simple and stylish. This style of packaging is particularly popular for luxury or high value products.

Sometimes when it comes to making a statement with your packaging, less is more.

Let’s explore how simple and stylish packaging can create an impact across a couple of different sectors.

Health & Beauty

Nudi produces a range of naturally based coconut skincare products that are vegan friendly. They came to us to seek professional packaging advice on how to bring their custom box to life in a way that would reflect the premium nature of its brand.

Our design team took Nudi’s ideas for the box and moulded, merged and combined all these ideas together to create the finished product. This simple and stylish custom box creates an enhanced customer unboxing experience and lets Nudi stand out amongst the competition.

For health & beauty packaging, it is important to look good but it also has to protect the product properly. Therefore, customised packaging is more than aesthetic design, it’s about functionality too.

Vit-Plan are passionate about mental and physical health and provide supplement packs on a monthly subscription basis.

For them we developed a two-colour E-flute design, incorporating a C-flute layer pad for added protection in the post.

To deliver transparency to the customer, a detailed list of supplement ingredients were printed on the inside. This simple custom packaging looks good and is functional for the product.

Food & Drink

Bubble Box hand-pick different bottles of prosecco from around the world for their subscribers to try every month. They came to us looking for professional packaging guidance to develop their subscription box.

Together we worked with the client and a 3rd party arthouse to produce this stunning simple and stylish custom packaging.

The simplicity of the graphical design allows the customer to focus on the brand and product inside without additional distractions. So, when their subscriptions box arrives, they can just start planning when they’re going to enjoy some bubbles!

In the food industry, simplicity of concept for display packaging can be a great way of showcasing your product. For New World Foods, we produced custom wicker basket display packaging to be used in supermarkets.

These display boxes stylishly present New World Foods jerky products while letting customers focus their attention on the product itself, helping to boost sales. To create the finished look, this box was flexographic printed with 4 colours, then coated with a water-based varnish to finish off this simple and stylish look.

Avino Wine Wisdom has a wine tasting club, each month selected wines from around the world are delivered to members in this wine taster subscription box.

This custom packaging has a simple exterior and then stylish interior that completely reflects the brand and product inside with branded imagery. The map insert securely holds and displays 6 taster bottles of wine to make sure the product arrives safely to the customer.

Simple and stylish packaging is not limited to the health & beauty or food & drink sectors, it’s effective in making an impact in other industries too. Here’s some more of our favourite simple and stylish custom packaging that we’ve produced.

If you have something in mind for some custom boxes, talk to one of our packaging experts through our contact page.

We will help bring you vision to life.

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