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Self-Sealing and Returnable Packaging: Our Answer to eCommerce and Postal Packaging Demands

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Returnable Ecommerce Packaging

In our Packaging Trends 2021 article, we revealed that the number of eCommerce businesses is growing and this is set to continue in the next 12 months. This has led to a demand for postal packaging.

As a response, our team at Belmont Packaging is revealing a new machine we are offering our customers. This machine is going to create self-sealing and returnable packaging. A glue strip with a waxed paper tear-off is being added to boxes so that there is no longer a need for tape.

Self Sealing Ecommerce Packaging

What are the Advantages of Self-Sealing and Returnable Packaging?

This new machine is scheduled to come online next month, with capabilities many businesses and customers can benefit from. Let’s take a look:

1. More Security

One of the main concerns for eCommerce businesses is safety when it comes to their packaging. They want to ensure that all of their items arrive safe and secure with the customer. Thankfully, this is something that can be provided with self-seal boxes. Brown tape can easily rip in transit, as well as rely on the person packaging it up to do it properly. But, with our new machine, this is all done quickly and effectively, increasing security with every package.

2. More Efficiency

Getting orders out to customers quickly is something every business wants to do. The good thing about self-sealing boxes is that the process is a lot quicker. They are easy to pack and seal, which allows orders to ship quickly. This reflects well on the business and ensures customers are happy. Therefore, businesses can look forward to a more efficient packaging and shipping system.

3. Neater Presentation

The unboxing experience is very important. The type of packaging businesses use plays an essential role in creating a good first impression. Brown tape does not always look the best. Yet, self-seal boxes look more professional and allow custom-printed boxes and labels to stand out. What’s more, customers will notice that businesses have put in the effort with packaging.

4. Easier Returns

Every business has to deal with returns and customers want it to be as easy as possible. This can be ensured by the self-seal strip that is added to the packaging. This allows customers to easily return their items in the same packaging and without having to use their own methods to ship it back to the business. The self-seal packaging is convenient and revolutionises the return process.

5. Eco-Friendly Alternative

A lot of businesses are making the effort to lower their carbon footprint. Indeed, this is something that customers want to see from businesses they use. With self-sealing and returnable packaging, companies can make eco-friendlier choices. All the cardboard boxes we use are recyclable. But what makes it even better is that this packaging is reusable too.

Ecommerce Packaging

Which Sectors Benefit the Most?

At Belmont Packaging, we believe that any business can benefit from self-sealing and returnable packaging. But there are some sectors that we know are going to benefit the most from these new boxes.

In particular, the fashion and footwear sector is going to benefit hugely from self-sealing packaging. This sector has one of the highest eCommerce return rates. This means that companies need secure and safe packaging, as well as one that is going to make it easy for customers to post back their items. This is provided with our self-sealing and returnable packaging.

In addition, postal gifts and subscription companies have to work a lot harder than others when it comes to presentation. Packaging has to stand out from the crowd and it is part of the purchasing experience. Thus, since there is no need for brown tape, custom boxes can make a good impression.
Essentially, we believe that any business that wants to ship its goods quickly and efficiently will benefit from self-sealing and returnable packaging provided by Belmont Packaging.

Want to find out more?

If your business would benefit from smart, secure and convenient packaging for e-commerce, that's eco-friendly too, please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgable team and we'll advise on the best way to improve your e-commerce packaging. 

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