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How to choose the right cardboard packaging solution for your product

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We speak with marketers and buyers every day, and one of the questions we are asked the most is 'how do I choose the right packaging for my product?'

This is an important question to ask and can be difficult if you have multiple product lines with different weights and sizes. The order needs to be right to ensure that your product is going to fit and be safely transported to the end customer.

How do I choose the right cardboard box for my product?

You need to ask yourself a couple of questions here to ensure you’re getting the right solution.

  • What is the packaging going to be used for? (display, retail, transit or subscription?)
  • How big is the product you’re going to be shipping or displaying? (this will determine the diameter of the box)
  • How will the box open?
  • Do you need the box to be printed? (if so, how many colours)
  • What weight is going into the box?

All these questions will help you find an answer to the main question, and help you determine what it is that you actually need.

Understanding your audience

That is, perhaps, the most important consideration when selecting your corrugated packaging solution. It sounds really obvious, but many companies overlook the factor that what is in the customer’s head may be very different from the businesses.

In 2019, sustainable cardboard packaging is important to a large proportion of consumers. Building partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers with environmentally friendly initiatives is important to meeting the consumers growing demand in what they look for in a brand.

Can I have a custom print on my cardboard packaging?

Yes. Personalised packaging has become extremely popular with the growth of the internet, and we have worked on a number of large customers who have required custom packaging, including New Balance and Hallmark.

We offer comprehensive design services to ensure you’re packaging solution stands out in a crowded retail environment or wherever your products will be seen. We use high-quality flexographic printing and this is the most popular and common technique used for custom corrugated cardboard packaging. This allows your design to be printed extremely fast with quick drying inks without compromising quality.

Do I get a discount on bulk orders?

As with most manufacturers, there are several price breaks with larger orders. When ordering custom corrugated cardboard packaging, these price breaks are commonly found when ordering large quantities on one specific material for your packaging. This allows for more production efficiency as it produces less waste.

We hope you’re now in a better position to choose the right packaging box for your product and the right partner! If you would like to have a conversation about your corrugated packaging needs, we would love to help. Please click here to get in touch or you can give us a call on +44 (0) 1942 521919.

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