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How we care for the environment

We operate a number of environmentally friendly initiatives to ensure our manufacturing process is exactly that. These initiatives are a win for all, they not only benefit the environment, but also our cost base meaning that our customers can enjoy efficient pricing!

We’ve made adaptations to our warehouse and offices including:

  • Solar panels means we can generate our own electricity
  • State of the art and energy efficiency compressor
  • Motion sense LED lighting throughout the factory, warehouse and offices which saves on energy bills
  • We operate an up to date waste extraction system whereby we collate and bale the waste, this baled waste is then sold back to our board supplier.

Every little helps and we play our part. Buying from green guys like us means you’ll be playing your part too!

We’re also proud to be an FSC® certified manufacturer which means we support the production of packaging which is helping future generations through responsible forestry.

FSC Logo
We’re FSC® Certified.
Environmental protection and sustainability is one of our core values at Belmont Packaging. We’re proud to promote responsible forestry.
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