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How we care for the environment

We are passionate about protecting the environment, and operate under a number of environmental initiatives.

By making our manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly, we have driven down associated costs, and passed these savings on to our customers!

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Our factory and offices have been adapted including:

  • Use of solar panels to generate electricity
  • State of the art and energy efficiency compressor
  • Motion sensing LED lighting throughout the factory, warehouse and offices which saves on energy bills
  • We operate an up to date waste extraction system whereby we collate and bale the waste, this baled waste is then sold back to our board supplier.                 
Tesla Belmont HQ

Solar energy works well in commercial applications as the energy is both generated and used during the daylight hours. Even with the odd rain cloud, any excess energy is stored in three Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries, each operating at 13.5kWh capacity. This means we rarely need to take power from the main electricity grid.

An eco-friendly, geothermal ground heating system has been installed for our office. As the factory team gets its green energy from the sun, our office team will get their warmth from 640 square meters of underground piping. The geothermal heating will gather energy from the ground heat in our car park and is connected to a 12kW heat pump, which feeds into the office to keep the team toasty during the winter months.

We’re also proud to be an FSC® certified manufacturer which means we support the production of packaging which is helping future generations, through responsible forestry.

Every little helps, and we’re doing our best to play our part. And buying from green guys like us means you’ll be playing your part too!

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We’re FSC® Certified.
Environmental protection and sustainability is one of our core values at Belmont Packaging. We’re proud to promote responsible forestry.
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