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How Much Should You Pay for Custom Cardboard Boxes?


The question of how much should you pay for custom boxes is not the simplest one to answer as it depends on your company and product needs.

But, we will go through each element that will impact overall costs, standard costs and what makes custom cardboard boxes a cost-effective packaging solution!


Custom Cardboard Box Costs

The cost of custom packaging will inevitably vary a lot depending on your needs, which is why asking how much you should pay for custom cardboard boxes is not a simple question to answer.

But to work out how much your packaging may cost, here are the different elements you need to consider.

Size & Function of Box:

  • What are your product measurements, so how big does your box need to be?
  • Does it require protective fillers or inserts?
  • What type of box do you need? (Transit, shelf-ready, display, eCommerce)


Artwork & Printing

  • Do you already have branded artwork?
  • How many colours are required to print your artwork?
  • Are you having print on both the exterior and interior of the box?
  • Do you want a gloss varnish finish?


Origination Costs

These costs occur the first time you order custom your boxes, these are the tools required to produce your bespoke packaging.

  • Printing plates
  • Die-cut tooling

Depending on your box design, you may not need both pieces. These items are a one-off expense and charged at cost, then stored for future orders.

How Custom Cardboard Boxes are Cost-Effective

Although it is tempting to just look and factor in cost per unit for custom packaging, there are a lot of other elements to consider.

High quality custom cardboard packaging is cost-effective in a number of ways outside of unit cost:

  • The box will fit your products needs perfectly, therefore reducing excess costs in initial materials or fillers
  • Shipping costs can be reduced if packaging sizes are optimised
  • Custom inserts can be created to protect your product during transit, significantly reducing the possibility of items getting damaged
  • Efficient packaging means efficient packing from your team members

Packaging experts have suggested when carefully considered, that high quality custom packaging can minimise packaging related costs by up to 30%!


So to sum up, the cost of custom cardboard packaging will vary depending on your requirements, but we are here to guide you through the whole process.

Plus, if you choose to invest, you will get stunning bespoke boxes for your products that customers will love which could also save you money in the long run!

Wondering where to start with designing and creating your own custom packaging? Read our complete guide to the basics of product packaging and start creating boxes that will wow your customers.

If you have a custom cardboard box in mind, fill in our enquiry form for a quote or call our friendly team on 01942 521919.

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