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Current health & beauty consumer behaviour: why quality packaging is more important than ever.

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Current health & beauty consumer behaviour: why quality packaging is more important than ever.

Throughout lockdown health & beauty consumer behaviours have shifted as the majority of people are spending more time at home and socialising less. Nevertheless, there is evidence that utilising health & beauty products at home are uplifting people’s moods while in lockdown.

Current health & beauty consumer behaviour

At the moment many consumers have more available time and a desire to spend it relaxing. Either just because they can, or because they want to combat current stresses and anxieties. So, there is an increased motivation for purchasing self-care and wellbeing products. Consumers are now more focused on items such as skin care products and creating self-care routines.

Although many consumers are wearing less or no makeup most days, for some, makeup has become a way of sustaining a routine throughout lockdown or acknowledging an occasion. But, for makeup enthusiasts now is the perfect time to experiment with new products or improve application techniques and be more involved within the online makeup communities.

Lastly, everyone experienced the initial impact from the increased demand for soaps and sanitisers that was created from COVID-19. Some alcohol and perfume manufacturers responded and switched to producing these products to meet consumer needs which are still at a high level.

Importance of quality packaging

Before lockdown, social media had already changed the way consumers researched and discovered health & beauty products. Now buying online has become even more central for health & beauty brands. For brands that have already developed an online community, this is now a significant asset. For those in the process of building one, don’t underestimate the value of quality packaging.

Online, health and beauty products and packaging need to be “Instagram worthy”, which means looking the part to attract potential customers. Although the importance of packaging is often overlooked, and some may question the value of branded packaging. Custom printed packaging is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and elevate your brand's image both online and offline. Bespoke packaging will increase user experience when receiving and unboxing your products, this can help inspire brand loyalty from customers.

A significant side effect of COVID-19 is the increased use of single-use plastics. Therefore, we believe it is more important than ever to choose product packaging that is environmentally conscious where possible. Cardboard boxes are an ideal solution for sustainable health & beauty packaging as it is cost-effective, customisable, durable and 100% recyclable.

Overall spending in this sector has seen an increase, so now it is a great window of opportunity for brands ready to meet the demand.

If you’re interested in creating your new custom cardboard packaging, get in touch and speak to our friendly experts.

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