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5 Reasons Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Are Perfect For The Health And Beauty Industry


Corrugated cardboard packaging is everywhere, and it is becoming increasingly popular in the health and beauty industry as the war on plastic ramps up.

Corrugated boxes are becoming the preferred packaging solution for most industries, but what makes them a great choice for the health and beauty industry? Here are 5 reasons the health and beauty sector love corrugated cardboard packaging, you could say they ‘make-up’ the perfect match!

  1. Corrugated cardboard packaging is cost-effective

    Packaging is an important representation of a brand and it’s an extension of the product, so whilst many companies will want to reduce spend where possible to increase profit margin, quality does not need to be sacrificed with corrugated cardboard packaging.

    Flexographic printing is a popular printing method widely used in corrugated cardboard packaging due to its speed and quality. The process allows many additional processes of packaging manufacturing, such as coating, foil stamping and die-cutting to pass through the machine.
  2. Corrugated cardboard packaging is sustainable

    The health and beauty industry has come under a lot of scrutiny over recent years - partly to do with the war on plastics and product testing. When it comes to packaging, more cosmetic and beauty companies are turning to corrugated cardboard as it is biodegradable. On top of this, they are also becoming a lot more selective about who they work with, and looking deeper into their environmental policies.

  3. You can customise the packaging 

    Corrugated boxes are highly customisable and very-cost effective (as mentioned earlier). Some of the benefits, which may come as a bit of a surprise, is that they’re flame and water resistant making them perfect for transportation.

    Branding is becoming just as important as the product itself and this extends to the packaging it comes in. With flexographic printing and talented designers, there’s lots of innovation within corrugated packaging in terms of creating new styles, opening mechanisms and packaging options.

  4. Corrugated cardboard boxes are stackable (depending on the design)

    Plastics and other packaging materials are not great for stacking and storage. Corrugated cardboard boxes provide this benefit, meaning stock can be organised and stored with the strength to not take any damage. Stackable packaging is extremely useful in the retail environment where the products may need to sit in a warehouse for a longer period of time.

  5. Corrugated cardboard provides excellent protection

    Corrugated cardboard boxes are stronger than your average cardboard box, making them widely popular with many industries. They act as a stable cushion for products during shipping and even for shelf-ready displays.

    Corrugated cardboard is designed to keep moisture and bacteria away from the products within the packaging. This is crucial for health and beauty products as they may often contain liquids that come into contact with human skin, meaning that product integrity is crucial.

If you’re looking for a custom corrugated packaging solution, please get in touch here, or you can view some of our recent work here.

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