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Custom branded packaging for your subscription boxes

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Subscription packaging

In a word - yes. But that’s exactly what you’d expect us to say! So, let’s look a bit closer, and explore how your business is going to benefit from investing in amazing custom branded packaging.

Who are you?

What drives your brand? What makes you special? 
And what steps have you taken to share that information with your target customers? 

It’s likely that you’ve already invested time and passion into creating the perfect branding for your company, so you’ll want to make it visible; your packaging is a perfect opportunity to show off your personality. 

Great packaging that reflects your brand will make you stand out from the competition, drive retention, and even attract new subscribers. 

First impressions count

The packaging you use is so much more than a way to get your products to your customers safely.  It's a physical touch point, a chance to make a real connection with your subscribers.

A 2019 survey from Dotcom Distribution found 45% of consumers feel that brands seem more upscale when the packaging is gift-like. 
The quality, style, sustainability and even size of your packaging is creating an impression with your subscribers long before they ever get their hands on its contents. 

The box reflects your aesthetics and your ethos, and therefore in turn says something about your customers. Great packaging can actually create an idea that it’s not just a good idea to subscribe to your service, but that the very act of being a ‘subscriber’ is aspirational. 

Make it an experience

When your box drops onto your customer’s doormat, how do you want them to feel? 
It’s likely that you want them to know instantly that it’s from you. Maybe you want them to feel excited to open it? 

The very 21st Century phenomenon of ‘Unboxing’ is driven by our innate desire for reward. Packaging that positively reflects the contents within creates positive feedback in your customers’ brain. And that, in turn, makes them more likely to stay loyal to your brand. 

Speaking of ‘Unboxing’...

While unboxing video content aimed at children is a controversial topic, there is little doubt in the popularity and viral potential of unboxing videos.

According to Thinkwithgoogle, 2019, 90 percent of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube.

If you make the experience of opening your box feel special, it becomes something that people want to share with an audience. And the more shareable that experience is, the more exposure your brand gets. 

And the first step to creating that shareable experience is - you guessed it - your packaging. 

Why Belmont Packaging?

Hopefully by now, you’re starting to see the value of investing in custom branded packaging for your subscription boxes. Just like any other investment, though, you’ll want to be sure you’re trusting the right people to deliver a solution that does what you need it to. 
Here at Belmont Packaging, we go beyond making your boxes simply look the part: 

  • Sturdy and safe, with a high quality finish, they’ll convey that feeling of quality that you want to associate with your products.
  • We know the importance the modern consumer places on sustainability. Which is why our packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • 80% of consumers are put off by oversized packaging. We custom manufacture your packaging to your exact size requirements.
  • We know packaging (it’s what we do). So, when it comes to designing something beautiful using your branding, we’ve got it covered. But we’re equally excited to see your vision if you’d prefer to take care of the design yourself.

We’d love to discuss how we can help you to give your subscribers that extra special experience they’re looking for. Why not get in touch today?

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