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Bold and Bright Custom Boxes

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Bold and Bright Custom Boxes

The power of digital printing has made it even more accessible to customise your packaging and increase brand value, for both online and offline retailers. One of the trends for 2020 is bold and bright custom boxes.

Packaging that incorporates bold and bright colours or designs are easier to attract people’s attention and stand out in a crowd.

We’re going to go through some of our favourite bold and bright custom boxes that we have made recently and showcase the different ways it can be done.

Bold Block Colour

A great way to make a statement is through bold block colours. Recently we produced these custom bold and bright boxes for Calm.

The client wished to create different coloured boxes that matched up with the packaging on some of their products which creates a fully immersive customer experience when unboxing.

But block colours don’t just have to be on the exterior of a box to make a statement. For Taylors of Harrogate the ‘wow’ factor came from the interior of their custom subscription boxes.

Taylors of Harrogate wanted to express their brands’ passion for tea through a bright and colourful interior to their box. Delivering a great visual unboxing experience for their customers, with the pop of colour showcasing the product inside.

Bold & Bright Print

On the opposite side of block colours is incorporating vibrant prints that are full of personality.

Cake or Death, a vegan bakery based in London recently wanted some custom postal boxes for their brownie delivery service. To really make the personality of the brand shine, we printed on clay coated paper with two colours and a water based varnish to give a glossy vibrant finish.

This packaging is not just fun for the customer, but completely Instagram worthy and memorable. Together this increases the ability to grow brand awareness and potential customer base.

Bold Monochrome Graphic Design

Bold designs aren’t limited to the use of bright colours, they can also be in monochrome! As you can see from Block Heads custom ecommerce box.

Blockhead sells functional sweets designed to quickly help focus the body and mind. They recently came to us looking for a box that would protect their products in transit but could be customised with their own branding. And that’s exactly what we delivered.

This custom box is a great example of how incorporating bold black and white branded graphics can make a statement on arrival.

Tell a Story with Bold & Bright Designs

Aside from showcasing your brand personality, bold and bright custom boxes allow you to tell a story with your packaging. Creating a deeper connection with your customers.

Through their own branding and artwork, this is exactly what Xenith Heights did with their range of Aresta vertical climbing harnesses.

Xenith Heights recently approached us to produce these boxes as they wanted to transition to a UK supplier for their packaging. Previously these boxes were litho laminated printed, but to be more cost effective we provided flexographic printed boxes with a glossy varnish to complete the box.

We have printed lots of different bold and bright custom boxes, so here’s a few extra examples of how it can be done.

If you’re interested in getting a new custom box, get in touch. We are ready to work on your next project.

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