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What is flexographic printing and why should I choose it?

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What is flexographic printing and why should I choose it?

Flexographic printing is considered as the go-to choice of printing method for corrugated packaging, but what is it and why choose it?

What is flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing, also known as Flexo printing, has evolved considerably over the years with numerous innovations. The evolution of Flexographic printing has now made it one of the most reliable ways to produce large orders of high-quality, custom, packaging in a short amount of time.

It is a technique that uses a flexible printing plate such as a photopolymer printing plate. These plates are wrapped around cylinders on a web press, and the inked plates have a raised image that rotates at high speed ( up to 2,000 feet per minute) to transfer the ink; which then creates the image onto the material.

Each colour requires a different printing plate, to be able to print images with a high line count. By using quick-drying, water-based inks this method of printing lasts for a long time, and as a result of this can print on almost any kind of material from; plastic, corrugated cardboard, metal, paper to film, and even cellophane.

Why is flexographic printing so popular?

Flexographic printing accounts for 40% of packaging printing across the globe.

Many packaging companies choose to print using this method, due to its excellent cost and time-efficient process; which doesn’t compromise on image print quality and allows the ability to print on a variety of substrates

In comparison to other methods, flexographic printing offers consumers more diversity, higher quality, and a lower cost to packaging companies.

As well as offering a streamlined process for printing, flexo printing also opens up a huge amount of opportunities when it comes to unique and custom branding options.

By choosing flexographic printing, you can guarantee your custom packaging will stand out from the crowd, which is of course a huge marketing advantage.

Why should I choose a packaging company that offers flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing offers the perfect solution for companies that want to incorporate inexpensive, eco-friendly packaging with a quality finish.

The streamlined process involved in flexographic printing saves businesses time and money and also works towards saving the planet! As it eliminates the need to print on a smooth, plastic surface which is a more environmentally friendly method, but also means you are no longer restricted in the choice of packaging

Due to the efficient speed of printing, this process is also suitable for large jobs which require printing in fine details using a range of colours.

One defining factor for businesses that make flexographic printing so popular is the low cost. As well as the elements mentioned above, flexographic printing allows the following printing processes; printing, coating, die-cutting, foil stamping which pass through the machine all in one. Providing a huge economical benefit compared to other lengthier print and cutting processes.

You can see a range of examples of flexographic printing projects carried out by our team at Belmont on our case studies and gallery pages.

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