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The Complexities of E-commerce Packaging in 2019


The complexities of e-commerce and operating in the supply chain are increasing as new technologies develop. This provokes a whole new host of challenges the packaging industry needs to be ready for, and in some cases, catch up with in order to keep up with providing efficient packaging solutions to online businesses.

What does this mean for smaller online businesses?

The advancement of technology is feeding the humans desire for instant gratification, with many larger companies offering very shorter delivery times and some even offer same day delivery. The modern consumer does not want to wait to receive their order, and the online shopping experience has evolved since its inception.

This means smaller online businesses are having to compete with this trend and if they do not have a third party fulfillment partner, they will need to have an excellent corrugated cardboard packaging provider on hand to provide cost-efficient solutions to ensure the order turnaround is on time.

Product protection

Delivery times are not the only challenge facing online retailers, as they also have to balance environmentally responsible packaging with sufficient product protection. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their individual carbon footprints, and this starts with the retailers they choose to shop with and their environmental policies.

Choosing a supplier who operates a number of environmentally friendly initiatives is a great thing to shout about as you will be sourcing from a responsible supplier.

What is the outlook for 2019?

Everything needs to aline with how the online shopping experience has grown, with many forward-thinking online retailers thinking mobile-first, packaging solutions need to provide a quality, slick and efficient feel to provide the complete experience.

The power of social media enables a customer to provide feedback, often being more vocal about any negative experience, meaning retailers need to package their products well for transit.

Double wall cardboard boxes which are fully branded, to provide a more premium customer experience whilst providing excellent protection to its contents. Consumers are willing to pay for quality and packaging plays a huge role in the buyer's experience as it is often the first thing they see.

Overall 2019 is about speed and quality. The modern consumer wants it both ways, and it's up to online retailers to use packaging solutions to match the demand of the online shopper.


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