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Q&A with Gareth Rollo: Our Recently Promoted Commercial Manager

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Q&A with Gareth Rollo

We have some exciting news to share!

Earlier this year Gareth Rollo was promoted from the Customer Services Manager to our Commercial Manager!

This is a result of all his hard work and dedication since he started in March 2018 he has been a highly valued member of the team.

Here Is a Q&A with Gareth to discuss his new role, the corrugated cardboard packaging industry and to learn a little bit more about Gareth himself.

How have your responsibilities changed since taking on the position of Commercial Manager and what are you planning to accomplish in this new role?

Since I joined Belmont Packaging in early 2018 there was always an understanding with Kate, the business owner, that I would be looking to progress.

There has been an ongoing increase in responsibilities since I joined the team, working alongside Kate to grow the business. My initial remit was to look at how to grow the business, two years on we have grown turnover by 25% and have brought in a Sales Team Leader and Design Apprentice to accommodate this growth.

There is still a huge amount of potential to fulfil, such as the Boxed-Up e-commerce business where I have planned and implemented an overhaul of the website and pricing structure to ensure this area adds as much value as possible to the business overall.  

Moving forward my next step now is to look at how to grow the business even further by looking at where and when to invest in order to increase our production capabilities.

What do you enjoy most about working at Belmont Packaging?

Belmont Packaging is a family run business with tons of potential. I report directly to the business owner, and I feel I am empowered and trusted to make decisions. 

The company is growing which means there are plenty of opportunities to progress and we have a great team here who always look to support each other in achieving the goals and targets we set.

The business owner has been very proactive in looking at ways to improve the employee experience, with our production team now working a four day week since June 2019 and the introduction of flexible working for the sales and administration staff. 

I particularly enjoy working with existing and new customers, especially if we have the opportunity to produce a challenging design or print which pushes the boundaries of our capabilities. 

And, it’s always nice when we get good feedback from the customers!

Why do you believe corrugated cardboard boxes are the ideal packaging solution?

I have been involved in corrugated cardboard for over twenty years now and I believe it to be the perfect medium for packaging.

Belmont packaging is FSC accredited meaning we source our material responsibly from sustainable forests. The cardboard we use in our manufacturing is a minimum of 75% recycled and it’s 100% recyclable after we’ve used it, so it’s the perfect medium.

Our print medium is flexographic which is a great, cost-effective way of printing and advertising products. Our inks are all water-based, so again it’s very sustainable and isn’t harmful to the environment.

What do you think the future of corrugated cardboard packaging looks like?

For Belmont, I think it’s going to be even more value-added work. So we’ll be looking at how we can reduce the amount of cardboard used but how we can allow it to have even greater functionality.

There’s also going to be more of an emphasis on how to remove plastics from either the packaging itself or the chain, leading to more complicated corrugated cardboard fittings inside boxes to replace polystyrene or plastics.

Finally, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My spare time is mostly spent with my wife Niki and our two children, Sophie and Charlie, at the moment it’s all about homeschooling and keeping them occupied in the garden or inside the house if it’s raining. We are currently enjoying baking, jigsaws and watching Disney, but are looking forward to getting back to going to the cinema and some football matches!

Here’s one final congratulations and thank you to Gareth Rollo for choosing us and being part of the Belmont Packaging team!

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