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Hyrox fitness challenge for Kate Hulley

Kate Hulley Hyrox Physical Challenge

Kate Hulley completes the Hyrox fitness challenge.

So much of the advice around running a successful business focuses on positive mental attitude, planning and leadership, but what about the physical aspects of running a business?

Being able to rise to the challenge both mentally and physically can be overlooked in the depths of hustle culture.

Recently Kate Hulley, owner and Managing Director of Belmont Packaging took on a fitness challenge that pushed her to the limits mentally and physically. Kate took part in the Hyrox race held in Manchester in the Manchester Central Convention Complex in January 2024.


Fitness challenge Kate Hulley Hyrox


3000 athletes gather together to take part in this test of endurance, resilience and strength. It’s hosted indoors in expansive exhibition halls and is designed to be an immersive race where spectators can support everyone taking part.

Hyrox is all about fitness racing and combines running and functional workout stations. Participants run 1km followed by 1 functional workout station which is then repeated 8 times.


Hyrox personal challenge Kate Hulley


The competition consists of the following stages:

1.      1km run

2.      1000m SkiErg – which predominantly targets arm, shoulder & core muscles

3.      1km run

4.      50m Sled Push – targets the lower body muscles

5.      1km run

6.      50m Sled Pull – The sled pull uses your glutes, back, biceps & entire trunk

7.      1km run

8.      80m Burpeee Broad Jumps – A full body workout and apparently an athlete favourite!

9.      1km run

10.  1000m Rowing – This marks the beginning of the second half of the race

11.  1km run

12.  200m Farmers Carry – Apparently this part is easy to practice during your weekly shop

13.  1km run

14.  100m Sandbag Lunges – Carry 10, 20 or 30 kilograms on your back whilst lunging.

15.  1km run

16.  75 or 100 Wall Balls – This is the final station and a way to finish the race in style.


Kate Hulley personal challenges


Kate successfully completed the entire race in just over 2 hours. Of her achievement she says, “Physical and mental resilience is key during a challenge like this one. There were tough moments during the race and the photos from the event say it all in terms of how physically challenging it was, but I battled through. It feels great to have completed this race and to be part of the Hyrox family. I’m looking forward to the next one and beating this year’s time!”


Personal challenges work Hyrox Kate Hulley


The Belmont Packaging team are immensely proud of Kate’s achievement. Not many companies can say that their Managing Director is part of the Hyrox family and has completed such a tough fitness challenge. Well done Kate!

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