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Printing Opportunities with DataLase Technology.

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DataLase combines the best of conventional and digital printing. It’s revolutionary technology fundamentally changes the way businesses can approach printing key information on product packaging, replacing the need for traditional print and stick labels.

How does DataLase work?

DataLase’s system uses lasers and different coatings to print key information directly onto packaging that would otherwise be an additional label containing variable information, such as batch numbers, dates or barcodes.

This inkless printing process is called photonic printing.

What is Photonic Printing from DataLase?

DataLase’s technology is revolutionary in that it uses novel laser technology with unique colour-changing pigments.

However in simple terms, photonic printing means ‘printing with laser light’.

DataLase Case Coding – on the fly:

DataLase Case Coding Solutions

One of DataLase’s photonic printing solutions is called Case Coding. This technology replaces the need to apply labels onto corrugated packaging boxes that includes variable shipping information.

These solutions are designed for high volume packaging requirements, and in using DataLase Case Coding you have the ability to substantially reduce single use plastics and solvents from your packaging.

The aim of these systems is to produce a high contrast, quality durable code that does not smudge or rub off while being a more environmentally conscious choice.

We have previously worked with DataLase to produce samples to be used as marketing materials, showcasing their innovative alternative to print and apply labels.

For more information on this, read the full case study here.

Could Your Packaging Benefit from DataLase Technology?

This technology is really designed for high volume packaging needs. Businesses who are aiming to produce one million boxes a week may opt to buy this technology and if you’re interested, we can help you do so.

Alternatively, we can offer this service as part of our custom packaging for businesses interested in at least 100,000 small boxes every fortnight.

DataLase photonic printing is a true innovation within our industry. If you would like to discuss DataLase technology with us, please get in touch.

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