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Creating a memorable and shareable unboxing experience for your brand

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Before a customer holds your product in their hand it’s up to the packaging to create a lasting impression, initiate excitement and encourage them to make a purchase.

For online businesses, packaging represents the first physical touch point with your customer and can be used to create a positive first impression. Even today, packaging is one of the most underutilised marketing opportunities for merchants.

Unboxing is an important emotional moment

Packaging and unboxing are powerful because these experiences tell your customers why your products and brands are different. In turn, it also plays a large part in building a long term and recognisable brand which will bring customers back to your products time after time.

Manufacturers need to offer customers a complete unboxing experience by providing them with highly sophisticated packaging. Attractive covers can have a positive effect on building suspense, while the unboxing process has become an important moment within customer experience.

In a recent survey from Dotcom Distribution it was discovered that 50% of consumers say the use of branded or gift-like packaging for online orders makes them more likely to recommend the product to friends.

Kate Hulley, owner of Belmont Packaging explains that unboxing is about selling a feeling around your brand as well as a product; “Fundamentally, people like sharing great experiences and that’s what great quality and well thought-out packaging is all about. The value of premium custom packaging extends far beyond the experience of the customer and is actually an effective aspect of your marketing strategy. You’re not just selling a product. You’re selling an experience. A feeling.”

The various unboxing videos available on YouTube attract over 2.4 billion views and are further evidence of the special nature of this process. It is with good reason that unwrapping well thought-out packaging is celebrated millions of times on the internet!

The features of successful packaging

More visibility for your company

Hello Kitty branded and printed box held by Belmont staff member

Whether it's shelf ready or transit suitable packaging you need for your products, all variations allow you to transport your brand consistently. Even the simple use of your company logo and tagline on your packaging helps to form a professional appearance and boosts recognition value. It’s about standing out from the crowd so the more colour and imagination you use in your packaging the stronger the brand reputation and trust will be with your customers.

Ensuring the product arrives safely

The main function of packaging is to protect the product from external wear and tear. Any damages can negatively impact on a customer's experience of your products and brand, so it’s essential to pick a packaging provider who can guarantee your products safety through high quality packaging materials.

Simplify your customers buying decisions

Hand Sanitiser Branded Retail Packaging

A primary function of successful product packaging is portraying the most important information to your customers. Adding USP’s and useful information to the packaging can help aid your potential customers buying decision and can strengthen purchasing impulse. Style and feel of the packaging helps to highlight the quality of the product to the customer, which is why at Belmont we only use high quality printing methods such as flexographic.

Packaging dimensions and sizing

A great benefit of tailor made packaging is that the design should ensure that your product fits properly and snugly within the dimensions of the packaging. This means you could save considerably in terms of packaging materials, transport costs and the corresponding emissions and environmental impacts. It also means that more of your products can be stored - either on shelves or in warehouses.

Need a custom printed packaging solution to boost your brand?

Our team have years of experience in the corrugated cardboard and custom packaging industry. We work with you to design and create a packaging product that will leave a lasting impression of high quality and imagination on your brand and products. We’re proud to have helped towards the success stories of a number of brands locally and nationally.

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