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Considerations When Selecting Packaging for Luxury Products

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Luxury items are held to the highest standard in terms of attention to detail and design, and the packaging these items come in, whether that be a high-end sweater or premium gin, packaging matters.

In the business of product marketing, corrugated packaging plays a large role in creating desire. The old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” certainly doesn’t apply here, and as humans, we are susceptible to making instant decisions on whether to purchase an item based on it’s packaging.

So, what does this mean for marketers? 

Attention to detail 

Luxury items exist in many different industries from fashion, food and health & beauty, but they all have one thing in common, attention to detail. Different trends come into play, and this largely depends on the industry. Some industries are very much into minimalistic design, whilst others want to create something that stands out visually.

Subscription and postal packaging relies heavily on ‘attention to detail’ packaging, as it plays a significant role in creating a unique customer experience when the customer first opens their package. More brands are moving towards this by having fully custom flexographic printing inside the box as well as on the exterior.

Companies launching new product ranges are understanding the importance of tactile packaging design, introducing different textures and shapes to their packaging. In a digital world, consumers typically crave for an experience, and businesses have responded accordingly with carefully thought out custom packaging design that plays into this.

The evolution of letterbox friendly

The evolution of letterbox friendly and subscription packaging has been well documented. Everything from exclusive coffee, fashion, and even gin! Part of the appeal is that customers will never run out a product. It’s also a premium experience, from opening the packaging, to experience the product a different way to how consumers went shopping 10 years ago.

Whilst premium packaging is important across retail and shelf-ready, companies are going through an evolution in the way they offer their products, meaning they require more variations of packaging.

What if I want great packaging on a budget?

Whilst corrugated material grade plays an important part in representing custom premium packaging, being smart about your requirements ensures that the packaging is cost-effective. The packaging must be ‘snug’ around its contents. This will provide security by not allowing the products to move around and break, and it will also reduce the cost of shipping.

Another important packaging consideration is custom prints inside the box. The end-user will feel like their getting a premium experience during the unboxing of the product.

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