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The Belmont Solution to the War on Plastics

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Plastic Waste on Beach

It’s fair to say that there’s been a lot of controversy in the past few weeks, with a certain daily household material being the hot topic. Yep, you guessed it, we’re talking all about plastics!

With the Queen banning plastic from all royal estates, Scotland planning to rid themselves of plastic straws by the end of next year and a team of politicians pledging to give up plastics for Lent, the war on plastics seems to be picking up pace.

Are you looking to reduce your plastic consumption? At Belmont Packaging, we believe that one of the most critical, imperative solutions to the war on plastics lies in the very heart of what we do – corrugated cardboard packaging.

How is corrugated cardboard better than plastic packaging?

The benefits of using corrugated cardboard over plastics are plentiful when it comes to more environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging;

1. Recyclability

Unlike many plastics, all card, paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable. Often only certain plastics can be recycled, causing confusion and hassle for the end user. The complexities surrounding different plastics and their recyclability means that, ultimately, not all plastics end up where they should do.

2. Biodegradability

Of course, cardboard can also end up in the wrong places too, but unlike plastics, will break down and eventually decompose. Many of plastic’s great properties that make it resistant to toxic chemicals and aggressive environments actually mean that it cannot decompose naturally; causing pollution.

3. Reusability

The flexibility and versatility of corrugated cardboard means that, boxes, for instance, can be easily collapsed and erected again, allowing them consume minimal space and to be reused again and again before being recycled.

Belmont Packaging factory

Environmental Ethics at Belmont Packaging

At Belmont Packaging, we’ve always been dedicated to ensuring we operate under the utmost ethical principles when it comes to the environment. Offering more than an environmentally-friendly solution to plastic, our commitment to ethical packaging starts from within our own plant.

How do we operate in regards to the environment?

  • With solar panels to generate our own electricity
  • With state-of-the-art and energy efficient machinery
  • With motion sense LED lighting throughout our facilities
  • With a modern waste extraction system to sell waste back to our supplier
  • With an FSC® certification for supporting responsible forestry

Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions

If you’re looking for packaging manufacturers for your business that operate under strict environmental principles, get in touch with a member of the Belmont team today.

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