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Engaging with Gen-Z through your Packaging: A Need-to-Know Guide for Busy Business Owners

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Generation Z (Gen Z) - a generation of digital natives and shrewd consumers. The generation loosely born between 1995 and 2010 are still young in the landscape of consumerism, but don’t be fooled; their power and influence on buying habits is significant. This guide outlines the must-know's and the know-how's to targeting and attracting the younger generation that is, Generation Z.

Packaging has a significant influence on the market and makes an impression like no other. 70% of consumers say that packaging directly influences their buying decisions, and from that point, the consumer makes an association with the kind of “experience” they will have with your products and your brand.

Why should you target Generation Z?

The landscape of consumerism has evolved with successive generations, and members of Gen Z are redefining the future of e-commerce, buying behaviours, and the customer experience as we know it. Great packaging can reinforce your brand’s visual identity, assisting your target audience to differentiate you with your competitors.

Nurturing the next generation of buyers isn’t only important for the retention of your loyal customers and acknowledging their changing needs, but also for growing and developing your business for the attraction of new customers. Switching up packaging designs can be a great premise for the evolution of your brand, and this can be easily accomplished with the right knowledge and approach.

Understanding the Gen Z mindset is no easy feat, but will bring many rewards if done correctly. It’s ideal to start from the very foundations of why you produced your products in the first place.  Reviewing your target audience and demographic is always important if growth and development are at the core of your business.

As you’re adapting your packaging to become more desirable to a younger generation, consider which aspects align with your business:


As you’re evolving your product packaging, it's important to consider which aspects are fit for the younger generations. The psyche of Gen Z are much similar to millennials, but they have a different expectation when it comes to service and value. If your business is e-commerce, this could be the first physical touchpoint in your customers' buying journey. It’s important that you make a lasting impression. It’s about the experience as a whole, rather than just the product.

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Gen Z are defined by expression, and your packaging is a way of reflecting the aesthetic and ethos of your brand, and in turn, connecting with the customer. It’s time to start pushing the boundaries. The unboxing experience should make every customer feel special, and will be a catalyst for customer obsessed value through a brand experience which is consistent in its offering of customisation and personalisation, creating a huge pool of current and future loyalists.

In an age of Instagram Reels, TikTok Reviews, and YouTube hauls, it’s key that your packaging is worth “sharing”. This has the potential to create buyer confidence through brand recognition and identity; overall amplifying the customer experience.

This is your opportunity to make a bold statement, so make it count.

With the right colours, logo, messaging, and design, Belmont makes the packaging of your products a very sophisticated branding channel, as they’re completely customisable.

All of our custom cardboard packaging is made to your specifications, offering:

  • Bespoke functional design
  • High-quality flexographic printing
  • Range of eco-friendly varnishes

Our experienced team will work with you from concept to completion, delivering the perfect custom packaging designed just for your product.



As explained, Gen Z wants to be on a journey, and part of their journey is driven by the accessibility of social media. 65% of Gen Z feel more confident when there's a community focus, and your brand community can be reinforced with packaging that drives social engagement.

Why not ask yourself, what drives your brand community and engagement? Do you have a community forum on social media? Do you have a brand hashtag? A slogan? All these things can feature within your packaging; whether it be through QR codes or specific messaging.

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Above all, this encourages a value based community that Gen Z are proud to be part of. In turn, this acts as a great catalyst for them to be proud that they own your products, creating positive brand advocacy.

It’s always important to keep your target audience in mind when designing your packaging. You need to spark their enjoyment in not only receiving your product, but in that they can relate to others in your brand’s community with similar feelings and emotions to what they have experienced. Gen Z likes to feel like they belong and they will share on their social media that they have experienced the same user journey as many others.

39% of online shoppers have shared an image of packaging on social media that was unique or branded. And 25% of those who hadn’t shared an image would be more likely to do so as a result of beautiful packaging.

Word of mouth is considered one of the most valuable tools in marketing, and with the help of your packaging encouraging User Generated Content, your brand is on its way to significant growth with Gen Z.



As the world becomes more interconnected, and Gen Zs are actively aware of a range of issues, it’s now more critical than ever that business decisions reflect social and environmental consciousness. Over 50% of Gen Z consumers won’t buy again if packaging isn’t sustainable.  A recent YouGov study revealed that 75% of Britons are motivated to make environmentally friendly choices.

In line with the growing awareness of our carbon footprint, it’s time for you and your business to start making the right choices when it comes to harnessing natural properties within your products and its packaging.

To find a reliable sustainable packaging supplier, you should look out for the companies accreditations and environmental policy.


The FSC's “tick tree” logo is used to show that products are certified under the FSC system. When you see the FSC logo on a label, you can buy forest products with confidence that you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

Having these accreditations on your packing connects with customers on more than a superficial level through your shared social commitment and environmental consciousness.

Every little helps, and here at Belmont Packaging, we’re proud to play our part by offering a range of FSC sustainable packaging options and a packaging gallery available to view on our website; meaning you’ll play your part too.

What’s next?

Selling to Gen Z creates loyal customers, and it’s crucial that you speak to them through compelling, exciting, and sustainable packaging.

Going back to basics, if you’re investing your time into creating an exciting customer experience and developing your social edge, ensure that your packaging isn’t going to miss the mark. Speak to one of our experts about how we can help with this.