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Transit Packaging for your business

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Transit Packaging for your business

As a business you will have first hand experience of damaged goods through transit. Is it something to be expected when sending goods through the postal system?
Corrugated boxes are the preferred material choice, due to their rigid construction. They offer optimum durability against pressure and moisture but are lightweight and strong enough to protect the product.

The majority of boxes are corrugated and it is this inner material that protects your goods, almost like a cushion. Corrugated packaging is cost effective and best suited for transporting goods internationally.

Heavy packaging materials can deeply cut into your profits margins by adding extra weight and shipping costs. Products can become damaged if you choose a box that doesn’t hold the contents properly or if there isn’t adequate protection used inside the box to protect the contents.

Choosing good quality corrugated cardboard packaging can help to improve your profits by minimising broken goods, customer returns and refunds and all the administration work that goes with dealing with issues from customers.

You can help to improve the efficiency within the workplace with less complaints, less damaged goods and quicker.

When you are looking for a transit packaging manufacturer, think about your product, how it will be sent and where it will be sent. Will your product be a reflection of your company or brand? Does it need to be made with environmentally friendly materials? 

For all your enquiries why not contact our experienced team, we can talk you through how to get the best from your transit packaging purchase.

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