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Yarde Farm Ice Cream

Yarde Farm Ice Cream

Yarde Farm Ice Cream have won dozens of awards for their famous ice cream over the past 20 years. They even achieved “ Champion of Champions” a nationally recognised award given by the Ice Cream Alliance.

Their story began in 1987 when a tub was filled expectantly with their very first ice cream at Yarde Farm. The team then moved to Plympton, near Plymouth in Devon and built a small, friendly team of ice cream enthusiasts. With a wide choice of flavours there is plenty of variety to suit all.

The brief

The Belmont Packaging team were approached by Yarde Farm who were looking for a reliable affordable packaging solution to help them transport their products to retailers. The team needed to ensure the board grade and material grades were perfect for the icy storage conditions required.

The solution

Belmont Packaging have produced a range of packaging for Yard Farm to allow them to pack, store and transport their variety of products.

The team needed to ensure that the die-cut boxes perfectly fit the different sized tubs and materials were correct to ensure the product arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

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