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Inspiring Northern Female Entrepreneurs

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Kate Hulley director of Belmont Packaging

The number of female business owners in the UK, has risen to 20% from the 14% of 2008. No mean feat yet women wishing to strike out on their own, are still finding and combating difficulties within the business world.

Kate Hulley, along with other business women within the UK, is proud to be demonstrating her headway within the manufacturing industry, creating jobs, driving growth and reducing gender inequality.

One of the barriers for female startups is arguably a lack of role models; a sense of feeling alone. Manchester Evening News have collated together a line up of some strong female entrepreneurs who are making waves in their chosen fields. 

Discover what Kate Hulley and the other women in the article have to say about their struggles and successes, to provide you with the confidence and determination that you have what it takes!

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