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Belmont Aims to Get Nostrils Flaring in the UK


As a leading corrugated cardboard box manufacturer, we have quite literally brought the outdoors indoors.

In an attempt to create memorable brand experiences, we've launched cardboard boxes with a re-mindful scent of freshly cut grass.

The box idea stemmed from a recent pilot where a sports shoe retailer wanted their customers to remember their brand when receiving running shoes. The idea being to encourage running outdoors in the new footwear, by influencing their senses with the smell of freshly cut grass. We worked together to create fresh new packaging for sports shoes.

Director of Belmont Packaging, Kate Hulley said;

“We’re a forward thinking box company that pulls out all the stops to get you the best possible product, and help you stay ahead of your competitors. We live, sleep and breathe cardboard boxes and in our world, cardboard boxes are far from boring!”

According to research carried out by Daily Mail, the freshly cut grass smell is the third favourite smell in the UK, with the smell of freshly baked bread coming first, closely followed by the smell of bacon.

Recent scent marketing research also highlights that 75% of all emotions generated each day are due to smell, and because of this, we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell over something we see, hear or touch.

“Scent has the strength to influence behaviour and trigger memories almost instantly, and teamed up with other forms of marketing such as packaging, what better way to create a memorable brand experience.” said Kate.

For further information about how our bespoke cardboard boxes can help your business, call our dedicated team of experts on 01942 521919 or drop us an email at [email protected]

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