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2019 Product Launch: New Invisible Box

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Gareth Rollo, Customer Service Manager, holding our new Invisible Box

Belmont Packaging are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Invisible Box!

The corrugated cardboard box has been specially manufactured following feedback from our customers, requesting packaging that is:

  • Easy to transit
  • Products safe from getting damaged
  • Boxes that are easy to stack on pallets for warehouse storage
  • Environmentally friendly

Here's a picture of our new Invisible Box, proudly on display in our Display Cabinet...

Belmont Packaging new Invisible Box on display in our Display Cabinet

And here's Gareth Rollo, our Customer Service Manager, holding our new Invisible Box:

Gareth Rollo, Commercial Services Manager, holding Belmont Packaging's new Invisible Box

If you're interested in this product or you'd like to speak about how we can help with your packaging needs, please give us a call on 01942 521919 or email our experts at [email protected]¬†Alternatively, head on over to our Contact Form.¬†

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