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Custom Retail Packaging

Custom Retail Packaging

Tilly and Barry, owners of Rebelicious Drinks, recently moved from London to the calming coast of Cornwall where Rebelicious Drinks was born.

Tilly, a successful graphic designer and Barry as an artist, swapped their daily commute for lazy days on the beach. But the constant stresses of modern life, traveling and work inspired them to create Rebelicious drinks.

The ethos of the business is shaped around creating environmentally sound products, which rebel against the notions that you can’t live consciously and healthily. Their mission is to create drinks that are good for both you and the environment. That’s why they are giving 5% of our profits to sustainable charities including Surfers against Sewage.

Rebelicious Drinks currently sell two flavours of fizzy drinks; Cream Soda and Real Cola which you can purchase on their website.

The brief

The Belmont Packaging team was approached by Rebelicious Drinks looking for a custom retail packaging solution that would be suitable to transport their canned drinks safely and provide a vibrant display box for their range of drinks.

The team needed to ensure that the packaging solution was sturdy during transit yet eye catching when on display on a supermarket shelf.

The solution

Belmont Packaging designed two flat packed self folding trays that were cost effective, yet had the premium print that the Rebelicious team desired.

The trays were able to hold 6 x 330ml cans of Rebelicious pop each. One of the trays had a vibrant red and purple design to hold their Cola pop, and the other had a fun pink and purple design to represent their Cream Soda pop.

The vibrant colours allowed Rebelicious to portray their bubbly, stylish brand that coincides with Rebelicious Drinks ethos and values.

Rebelicious Drinks initially ordered 1000 of the tray in each printed design. The customer's feedback was that the boxes look great and they are excited to be able to use them and send them to supermarkets to showcase them on shelves.

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