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Popaball Case Study - Corrugated Packaging for Transport and Delivery

Popaball Case Study - Corrugated Packaging for Transport and Delivery

Popaball are manufacturers and retailers of popping juice bubbles for proseccos and champagnes. Popaballs’ bursting juice bubbles are little bubbles of fruity juice known as boba balls. They can be added to and drank with prosecco and burst in your mouth when you bite down on them!

The Brief: Delivery Friendly Packaging and Transit Packaging 
Popaball wanted a box to house their '12 days of pimp your prosecco christmas calendar' and needed branded transit packaging to ship their products. In addition, they also needed to create custom display packaging to feature their normal non-seasonal stock. The box and display would be the first thing that a customer saw on delivery and in store, so needed to be strong and sturdy as well as attractive. Having previously used our E-Commerce Dept, Boxed-Up for their packaging, Popaball wanted to create a more unique and branded unpacking experience for their customers.

The Solution: Custom Corrugated Packaging and Stand Out Displays 
The client had an initial idea to send the product in pizza box style packaging. We looked at the credibility of this design and our design team came back with a number of styles which took into account the fact that the box needed to be both attractive and offer suitable protection, to withstand transport. We created a foldable box for the client which protects the entire product and brings across the unique branding of Popaball. The box also features foldable corners on the inner of the box to protect the vulnerable corners of the product.

As for the display packaging, Popaball wanted something unique to display the colourful products. Our specialist design team cam up with a 3 point glue counter top display that really put their products on show. 

Here is an example of the sturdy transit packaging we designed and manufactured to ship the products to customers:

Here's a behind the scenes look at the counter top display corrugated cardboard packaging being finished off before it's shipped off to our fantastic customer Popaball:

The Result: Secure Branded Packaging 

Popaball are delighted with the result of the packaging and counter top display, featuring a fully custom design with their own branding. Belmont Packaging are proud to have helped Popaball create branded and attractive packaging solution to protect their Christmas calendar product and showcase their products. 

transit packaging

As a leading UK corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturer we're always pleased to receive feedback from our amazing customers. Here's what Popaball has to say about working with us: 

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