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Packaging Trends for 2023

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Despite the obstacles 2022 threw for many of us, the year also provided many opportunities for businesses. It allowed for optimism and a sense of direction in how we embrace change and emerge into the positive post-pandemic mindset.

Reflecting on 2022

2022 saw eccentric designs within packaging trends - somewhat reflecting the state of society at the time. But as things now settle, and we’re heading into 2023 with a focus, trends will continue to establish themselves and settle, particularly throughout the fashion, beauty, and other creative industries.

With the post-pandemic mentality, comes the revolution of a change in perception of time and habits. With this, brings a new perspective on providing something other than just your product, and instead showcasing a brand who are relevant, committed to delivering sustainable packaging and products, and embrace their uniqueness within a saturated market.

It’s essential you stay in the loop when it comes to trends, so to help you out, we have compiled our forecast of what 2023 will look like, and the trends you should be following.

Pantone Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta

Since it’s reveal at the end of 2022, the Pantone colour of the year has already been influencing fashion, art, and design with its warm, optimistic...

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