We look after our people

At Belmont Packaging, we have a strong sense of social responsibility, people are a key part of this business and everyone who works here contributes to its success, it is only right and fair then that all benefit from the company's success.

Here at Belmont Packaging, we operate a profit share, the company performs and grows, the staff, who made that happen, benefit. We also work off the philosophy of 'the more you learn, the more you earn'. We encourage our workforce to learn as many skills as possible, multi-skill not only benefits the staff in terms of personal and financial benefit, it also benefits the company. A flexible workforce is great for all!

Find out more about our company and team on our About Us page

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We’re FSC® Certified.
Environmental protection and sustainability is one of our core values at Belmont Packaging. We’re proud to promote responsible forestry.
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