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Self-Sealing packaging

Enjoy the benefits of self-sealing packaging; adding convenience, extra security and simplifying your return process.

Our taping and sealing machine manufactures self-seal and tear-taped packaging perfect for a range of industries, including those with a high eCommerce return rate such as; Fashion & Footwear and Postal & Subscription services.

Our latest investment in machinery gives us the capability to add a glue strip with a waxed paper tear-off to every corrugated box making it resealable, so there is no longer a need for tape or the fear of damaged goods.

By adding a resealable strip to your packaging you can ensure your return process is as straightforward as possible and your products are secure; preventing any damaging negative reviews.

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Our Self-sealing packaging provides:

  • More security
  • More efficiency
  • Neater presentation
  • Easier returns
  • An Eco-friendly Alternative
  • High-quality flexographic printing
  • Range of eco-friendly varnishes

You can read in more detail about the benefits of self-sealing packaging.

Choose Belmont

Our sustainable self-sealing bespoke packaging solutions:

  • Conform to major retailer and industry requirements
  • Cater to all primary pack formats and packaging processes
  • Manufactured to your needs
  • Stand out in a crowded market
  • Are really easy to identify

With 40 years of experience in cardboard packaging, fast lead times, and a premium design service. Belmont is the perfect choice for your next project.

Eco-friendly self-sealing packaging

  • We manufacture cardboard that is made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials.
  • Our boxes are 100% recyclable
  • We are FSC certified and source our raw materials from sustainable forests.

And we don’t just stop there; we operate a number of environmentally friendly initiatives to ensure our manufacturing process has a low carbon footprint Know what you want and need a quote? Fill out our full enquiry form!

Know what you want and need a quote? Fill out our full enquiry form!

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