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Meet Phil, Our New Operations Manager

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Meet Phil, Our New Operations Manager

A very warm welcome to Phil Schmechel, our new Operations Manager, who has recently joined our growing team here at Belmont Packaging Ltd.

We asked Phil some questions for you to get to know him a bit better!

What were your first impressions of Belmont Packaging and what attracted you to work here?

Phil told us that he was very impressed with Belmont Packaging. He noticed the site was clean, well-kept and that all of the staff were very welcoming and friendly, making him feel like a valued member of the team already.

Phil not only saw an opportunity to build on skills learnt previously in his career but saw an exciting prospect in being part of the management team, which enables him to aid in running a company at a senior level.

How do you spend your spare time?

When Phil isn’t working, he spends time with his lovely daughter Maggie, who is nearly three years old.

Phil loves both playing and watching sports in his spare time, mainly watching our local team rugby team Wigan Warriors and playing golf with his friends.

What value do you believe you can bring to the team at Belmont?

Phil has previously worked within a manufacturing environment with vast experience within planning, customer service, logistics and quality control. Phil already has ambitious plans to make his mark at Belmont.

Phil hopes that both staff internally & customers and suppliers externally will see more positive changes with greater communication from the Operations team. He will aim to add even more emphasis on the quality and presentation of the packaging produced as the business continues to grow, with an ambition to improve the efficiencies within the factory.

Phil is a very approachable individual and with any issues that his team or customers might have, he will be more than willing to help and come to a swift and effective solution.

We asked Phil to share an interesting fact about himself

Phil told us that he played for both Ashton Bears and St Pats rugby teams from the young age of six up until the age of twenty-six. His two decades of playing rugby have left him with 46 stitches in his mouth, broken bones, dislocations, and knee surgery and he still has the scars to show it!

We are very pleased to warmly welcome Phil into the Belmont Packaging team and we look forward to working alongside him.

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