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Let there be Light!

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Belmont Packaging cardboard box factory

Belmont Packaging Ltd are proud to be doing all they can to reduce their impact on the environment. During 2015 Belmont Packaging Ltd began to look at finding ways that small changes to processes, machines and energy supply can reduce their impact on the environment.

Notable changes have been made to our Trade Effluent System, the ink filtration system, which has been made more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. All our waste ink produced from the printed jobs run on the Cuir, are filtered to remove any harmful agents which could be damaging to the environment. These harmful agents are then disposed of in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Filtering our waste inks enables us to ensure that no harmful ingredients are passed through to the public water supply, which is reinforced with a bi-monthly water test, to ensure we are within the legal limits.

October was a busy month for Belmont with making changes to reduce our energy use. The beginning of October saw the arrival and installation of our new compressor. This shiny new compressor utilises half the energy and produces less noise than the old one.

The beginning of October also saw the installation of Photovoltaic panels (Solar Panels) onto the factory roof: just in time before all the summer sunshine vanished. The installation of these panels not only saw our owner director venture up on to the roof, but the Belmont factory is now contributing to saving up to 33 tonnes of CO2 a year!

Further eco changes to the factory during 2015 involved the relocation of our waste extraction system. This new waste extraction system is smaller than its predecessor, utilising less energy to function and has been fitted with noise reducing materials, reducing the impact that the factory has on the surrounding area. The added bonus for the factory is that any ‘waste’ heat energy created from the extraction of the waste from the shop floor helps to heat the factory!

The latest edition to the Belmont Packaging factory, which contributes to our green ethos, was the installation of light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting throughout the factory and offices before Christmas.

Staff can already see an improvement on the illumination provided by the new LED lighting, over the old traditional lighting. The new LED lighting produces a more naturally lighted environment by replicating daylight, allowing the working areas to be brighter and fully lit. This introduction of LED lighting, enables Belmont to not only reduce its energy costs but to also reduce the Carbon impact Belmont has on the environment by up to 80%!

We can only hope that 2016 brings in new technologies and improvements to help us continue on to remaining green and reducing our impact on the environment.

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