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How are boxes printed?

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Printed packaging boxes from Belmont Packaging

Belmont Packaging have been manufacturing cardboard boxes for over four decades, so we can safely say we have now mastered a cost effective way to produce quality printed boxes of all shapes and sizes.

To help businesses stand out from the crowd, we can print an artwork onto cardboard boxes so that companies can showcase their brand and benefit from advertising through their printed packaging boxes.

Types of Print Methods

So, how are boxes printed made? There are a number of ways to print onto the cardboard boxes, and these include;

  • Lithography (also known as litho or offset)
  • Flexography (also known as flexo or flexographic)
  • Digital
  • Rotogravure (also known as gravure)
  • Silkscreen (also known as screen)

Each print method has its advantages and disadvantages, whether that be the finish of the printed boxes or the cost to produce them.

At Belmont Packaging, flexographic printing is our preferred choice for printed boxes for the following reasons;

  • Speed of manufacture - meaning we can turn large jobs around quickly
  • Great for larger volume orders

How are printed packaging boxes produced?

Once the cardboard, quantity and artwork are agreed with the client, we can commence production of the printed boxes.

Firstly, the cardboard is fed into the flexographic printing machine which has flexible photopolymer plates wrapped around rotating cylinders. These inked plates hold a slightly raised image (the artwork) and the cylinders rotate at extremely high speeds transferring the image onto the cardboard. During the printing process, quick drying, water-based inks are applied to the cardboard.

What’s more, another key benefit of flexographic printing is that a variety of inks can be used including fluorescent and metallics giving the finished boxes extra appeal.

Following the printing and any die-cutting, the printed boxes are quality checked by our experts before being packed for shipment to the customer.

If you require printed boxes whether that be shelf ready packagingretail ready packaging or transit packaging, please get in touch with our team who can talk you through the options available. To see some examples of our work, please check out our gallery page where you will see a whole host of printed boxes.

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