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Corrugated packaging for a sustainable future: Circular By Nature Summit

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Corrugated packaging for a sustainable future: Circular By Nature Summit

Photo courtesy of: The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers

Back in May, Stockholm was home to one of the biggest corrugated packaging events of the year. The Circular by Nature Summit brought together the industries top influencers and leaders to discuss the future of corrugated packaging and a sustainable future.

With over 200 guests, the theme around the weekend revolved around efficient use of resources, minimising waste and reducing environmental impact.

Leader and President of the Swedish Corrugated Packaging Association, Thirbjörn Sagerström highlighted: “The industry has moved from making good packaging that enhances and improves the branding of our customer”.

We have seen that the industry has matured and marketers are recognising the power of packaging as an extension of their branding and marketing. This is seen by the type of enquiries and projects come through as they become more complex and are starting to require fully branded corrugated packaging solutions.

Corrugated cardboard vs plastic

Leading thoughts for the day revolved around incentives on the reduction of plastic, a policy Belmont Packaging strongly backs.

Senior Policy Analyst for the Institute for European Environmental Policy, Emma Watkins states: “A lot of waste is made from plastic - according to the European statistics the demand for plastic is 49 million tons but only 6% is currently recycled, which makes the recycling targets really hard to reach for plastic.”

We completely back efforts by corrugated packaging manufacturers throughout Europe to reduce their overall carbon footprint, and we support this with our own initiatives, including generating our own electricity through solar panels and geothermal ground heating underneath the car park.

Alongside being an FSC certified manufacturer, we are a leader in the industry for environmental protection, a true feat that other corrugated cardboard manufacturer should aim for.

Over-packaged goods remain an online issue

There’s a real issue in the industry around over-packaged goods, largely involving excess plastic. It is important all everyone involved in the industry makes a conscious effort to reduce packaging and for retailers to make the most out of their packaging.

Retails rely on packaging to protect their good during transit to their customers and the responsibility starts with corrugated packaging manufacturers to come up with better and innovative ways to make packaging more efficient and environmentally friendly.

For more information on what projects we have worked on and specialise in, take a look at our case studies or get in touch now.

Kate Hulley, Managing Director at Belmont Packaging

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