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International Womens Day 2018

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International Womens Day 2018

There has never been a better time to celebrate International Women’s Day.

2018 brought a lot of controversy within the film industry in Hollywood and some of the largest supermarket chains are now in dispute over equal pay with its employees but the fight must carry on!

IWD celebrates the social and political struggles that our previous sisters fought for, which included equal rights and holiday pay, issues that are still important to this day.

Change is definitely needed and Belmont Packaging & e-commerce Boxed-Up owner Kate Hulley is doing her bit to stamp out the stereotype in the Wigan factory, showing that women can and do work in traditionally male roles.

Never let gender hold you back from doing something that you are passionate about and here at Belmont we don’t!.....

International Womens Day at Belmont Packaging 2018

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